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Happynomony EP

by Clap Rules

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I may not have a lot to give, but what I've got I'll give to you For I don't care too much for money, for money can't buy me love (Traditional english song).
Is really everything on sale nowadays as they say? Are you on sale? What's your price?
I know people who would probably do whatever they'd be told to for 500.000 euros. WHATEVER. Someone for 250.000 euros. Someone for even less than 5 euros, a really irrelevant sum for the western world's standards, don't you think?
Well, you know what has no price? Emotion. Happiness, for instance, has no price.
Let me give you an example: our latest release, Clap Rules' Happynomony.
Who could set a fair price for the title track Happynomony's class-dripping, irresistible proletary Herbie Hancock-ish dadaist house groove? How much for those damn hypnotic guitar counterpoints and for that bunch of noises?
Who's brave enough to tell how much is Ancor Tre's deep synth bass + acid brass = best set opener of this century romance worth? Is there some kind of scientific method to estabilish how much one should pay for inadvertitely moving his/her leg at You Empty', 2012's deepdeepdeep jazzy funk anthem?
(Moreover, should you pay more if you'd actually -ehm- shag someone while listening to it? *RECOMMENDED*)
Can global economy decide the change rate for Fredless' perfect bassline?
You know what has no price? Emotion. Happiness has no price.
BUT the way to get to happiness YES, that has a price my son, and it's ON SALE ON LA BELLE! BANDCAMP, ITUNES, WHEREVER YOU WANT!
LA BELLE sells happiness NOW for even less than 5 euros!
That's a really irrelevant sum for the western world's standards, don't you think?


released April 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Clap Rules Milan, Italy

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